Zardonic Bonecrackers: More drums and bass for the bodycount

Verisimilitude tells me, these guys truly want to crack your bones. Every single one of them. They grab your body and hit it with all the bass and drumsticks they have. Raaaw and Bad.



Gay sounding Creative Commons Coversongs

Uh, this is so sick, that I love it. The peeps over at Peppermill have always funny ideas like the amusing “” release. But this one is so smooth, soft, sweet and fan-like I have to jiggle-giggle. This is a little bad taste, but from time to time I like it gay. Yeah! Kitsch rules.

Some hipedihop music: Beat dem fresh bitches into your iPod

The hustlers from homework records know how to line up their bitches. Every track tight, juciy and full of hiphop. Sweet and delicious. Some day I have to hop over to italy to team up. Get grilled by Grillo!

Zipedizip Download

PS: Fuck, again a netlabel has no mp3 to link to. Yo! Peepz, how stoopid are you. And where is the coverdownload… Dont expect me to use that small, shitty cover in the popup. Damn, uploaded the mp3 for streaming it myself.

Drop a bassbomb and rise the Bodycount on the dancefloor

Exciting, musiclova! This album is an interesting nugget. Versatile, funky and running different styles. Drop the bomb with “The Beta Test” and get your hands on some lamb choppin beats. Yummy

B1t Crunch3r know how to shake you up with dem lovely dubstep basslines

Jump into the diffuse nebulae and rearrange your astralbody with some mad deep basslinevibes by Bitcrusher, fill me? Raaaaw!

PS: The rest of the release has only weak bones.

Some freshness for all you house loonies

Skizzle! Melmono! Excellent choice to butter your girlfriend and sweeten up the dancefloor with some chilly house-trance.

Himbo Hubris: Disturbing Pop & some sex appeal for Creative Commons Music

This girl wants to be a starfucker. She’s not tattooed, but I wouldn’t kick her out of my bed. On top she makes some mad pop music. Raaaaw!